Not a Blue Vase Hunter organization?  Not a problem.  Utilize one of our powerful two-day retreats to bring your team together in a way that nothing else can.  Grow as a cohesive unit through team challenges, processes, and obstacles that will force your attendees to adapt, overcome, and come together like never before.  Cut down on the gossip and the drama, and replace it with encouragement and a true desire to see each other win.  Walk away energized and ready to tackle the challenges at work in a powerful and positive way!

Break through your leadership blocks, find out what you’re made of.

“This has allowed us to become a brilliant team. It has cemented us as a team, built trust in us… When you are led by someone who can explode those energies out of people, it is an amazing feeling. Best aspects of the training are learning empathy, care, energy, patience, and love. The worst is that it had to end! But this is necessary so we can grow. It showed us how teams can work. If you want to experience life again, start with this.

Russell H., Plant Manager (General Aluminum)

“Great training.  Made me commit to being better every day.  Very effective, great staff, great location.  This is a MUST for everyone no matter what you do or where you are in life.”

Jim D., Quality Supervisor

“This training has taught me how to let go and not to allow issues to eat away at me.  We learned trust and how a true team works.”

Mark G., Maintenance Supervisor

“All the concepts in this training will be a great plus to my job as a superintendent.  No matter what department you are in or shift, we are all on the same team.  Brock is a great trainer, you can feel how passionate he is about what he is training and the message!”

Pansi T., Shift Superintendent

“We learned how to gain confidence, support others, and to inspire with enthusiasm.  I learned that I can do my job, and I now know I have the support I need.”

Tracy S., Director of Human Resources