Location: Attica, Michigan

Friday, November 8, report time 6 PM through Sunday, November 10 retreat concludes at 6 PM
Named one of the top 100 leaders of North America by Dr. John Maxwell, Founder and Lead Instructor Brock Heath led combat Marines around the globe in the famed 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Division as an infantry sergeant.
After completing his time in the Marines, Instructor Heath spent a decade climbing the ranks in corporate America before founding his wildly popular leadership and team development organization, which has impacted hundreds of companies and communities and thousands of lives, becoming one of the premier leadership immersion retreats in the nation.

With his unique set of experiences across military, corporate, and business ownership, Instructor Heath understands what you need as an owner/executive leader, and what is vital to your team members’ success on an individual and organizational level.

The CEO/Executive Leaders Retreat is a full Lion Chasers retreat, further enhanced with leader-specific challenges, top-level training on a mix of tried-and-true methodology and cutting-edge stratagem, and highest-level experiences and instruction.

Ten spots only. These seats are highly competitive, and are first come, first served. These seats will be filled with some of the most elite leaders from across the nation from a multitude of industries, professional athlete organizations, and others. Ensure that you and/or the top dog on your team is one of The Ten before they sell out.

Each CEO/Executive Leaders Retreat ticket includes:

  • All meals
  • All lodging
  • All materials
  • 33+ hours of top-tier instruction
  • Next-level gear issue, including the earned-only exclusive Lion Chasers Tribal spear…if you see that hanging in someone’s office, you know what they are made of.
  • Inclusion into the Top Leader’s Success Panel at the 2024 Leadership Expo being held in Dayton, Ohio. Speaking on the Top Leader’s Success Panel qualifies you for a VIP package at the Expo as well.