“I have been to national leadership events with Ford Corporate and they don’t compare to the one day our team spent with Brock as Blue Vase Hunters.  The leadership philosophy our team experienced has made a positive change in our lives and it is overflowing into the entire company.”

Greg Taylor, Owner (Troy Ford)

I highly recommend it for anyone who has employees!  It will improve their personal life and improve their attitudes at work.”

Steve Bruns, Owner (Bruns General Contracting)

“If you are looking to bring some energy to your team, this is the place to go!”

Rob Burnette, CEO (Outlook Financial Center)

“The message is about how to take care of yourself, and move your life forward.  I highly recommend this.”

Eric Herman, Past-Superintendent (Troy City Schools)

Absolutely do it!  It’s a great program, it’s team building and positive energy!”

Joe Dickerson, Officer (Koverman-Staley-Dickerson Insurance)

This is the best leadership/team building training I have experienced.  It has pushed me toward my goals and provided a closer relationship with my colleagues.”

Dave Dilbone, Principal

“When I began working with Brock at Gauntlet Development, my only goal was to develop my leadership skills for my job.  After our first session, I was inspired to not limit myself, rather I should work to become the best person possible in all areas of my life. Through the Blue Vase Hunters Program, I was able to learn techniques that included, but are not limited to; communicating  well with others, learning how others perceive me, goal setting –goal FINISHING, and various ways to continue improving myself throughout life.  There is no doubt in my mind, that I am a better leader for my company thanks to this program, but more importantly, I’m an all-around better person.

Dustin K., Manufacturing Supervisor

“I have been involved in leadership/accountability events for 40 years, but never have I been so impacted as I was today with Brock.”

Steve Staley, Koverman-Staley-Dickerson Insurance

I have never felt closer to my team.  I understand them better, I really got to know and accept some team members that I wasn’t close to.  We now build each other up DAILY!

Penny Johnson, Troy City Schools Principal (Hook Elementary)

“The Blue Vase Hunters training should be a requirement for all organizations that want to take their teams to the next level.  The Blue Vase Hunters training is one of the best trainings I’ve attended, with real take-aways that will lead to change.”

Kathi Roetter, Executive Director (Troy Area Chamber of Commerce)

“I am so glad that I participated in the Blue Vase Hunters training!  Brock Heath brings enthusiasm and positive energy, challenges comfort zones, and gets the best out of each individual.  This training has truly made me a better leader, a better person, and I now have a renewed spirit for working with others.”

Donn Craig, Branch Executive, Miami County YMCA

Come join the positive energy movement with us!